Launch in Still Life

We’ve made it through two days and have three left to go.  Thank you for praying us through.  Here are a few pictures of this week so far:


The circle of chairs where we have worship and devotions each morning.  Many families have kids with them through this process.  Although they aren’t with us all day, they do make an appearance in the evening for dinner and toys, like this truck get scattered about.  Children are a blessing.


The walls are being slowly covered with the discussions and topics we are covering this week.  Although the content isn’t new to me, it is great to refresh and have new conversations from different perspectives.


These notebooks are our lifeline for the week and Ryan is dutifully taking notes.  Snacks help keep us alert and this bag of crispy m&ms was a gift from our airplane seat mate.  Thanks Sparkle!


And each evening we get to return home to our friend’s house and their two purring kitties.  Instead of a hotel, they graciously offered for us to stay with them since they are also attending Launch this week.

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