Reasons #41-#43 Why I Love My Husband

#41- Ryan gets along with almost everyone.  I want to say that Ryan gets along with everyone but I think that’s too broad of a claim but seriously, this guy gets along with (almost) everyone.  I love seeing him interact with people and admire his ability to make friends wherever he goes.


#42- He knows my love languages.  We are still learning how to love each other well.  Neither of us are big gift givers or receivers but I do enjoy flowers on the random occasion.  This picture is from my birthday bouquet.  The orchids are still going strong.  But even better than the flowers are his words of affirmation and sweet acts of service.  I’m so loved and card for by this man.

#43- People remember him.  Although my husband is way more than his height.  It is handy to have something that sticks easily in people’s minds.  When we meet new people they usually remember our story or something about Australia but Ryan’s height is something else that’s memorable.

Check out more reasons Why I Love My Husband.  He’s wonderful:-)

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