Labor Day Weekend

It’s Labor Day Monday and we are celebrating today with chocolate chip cookies and a bbq with friends.  Ryan did have to go in to work for a few hours this morning because the radio doesn’t stop on holidays.  Thank you to everyone who still labors on Labor Day!  But for us it still feels like a holiday even if it isn’t the same as the Labor Days I remember growing up.


Growing up in Sacramento, Labor Day marked two big events.  It was the last weekend of the California State Fair but more importantly it was Jones Gulch Family Camp weekend.  Jones Gulch was in the Zapp family DNA.  We attended this dance camp every year when I was growing up but before that my mother grew up dancing over Labor Day Weekend and my grandparents even danced at this camp before they were married.  (A Zapp family reader can correct me if I’m wrong:-)  And before you get the wrong idea, this wasn’t hiphop, street dance camp.  This was Contra dancing, Line Dancing, Square Dancing and other forms that leant themselves to string bands that you might hear at a country fair.  I remember being dragged around the dance floor before I was even tall enough to link elbows with the adults.

Jones Gulch also always had a theme and it set the mood for the entire weekend.  Over the years I got to dress up as a renaissance princess, little orphan Annie, Vanna White and a cone head just to name a few.  And as kids we explored and played games all over the beautiful camp grounds in the Santa Cruz mountains.  We swam, climbed the rock wall, did archery and enjoyed ourselves during the day. And at night we sang songs around the campfire, did memorable skits and then danced the night away.

Although Jones Gulch dance camp has faded with the older generation, the memories remain.  Happy Labor Day everyone!

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Great memories, Joy! We have our memory building week (Camp Phillips) every one and a half years now…and I hope our kids and grandkids remember it with the joy that you have in thoughts of camp. I love the idea of a dance camp. Enjoy your Labor/Labour Day cookies and BBQ. We are celebrating up here by having church friends over for dinner. Rowan, our pastor here, is back from his month in Australia, visiting home, family and friends.They went a lot of places but he said that his family mainly lives in Brisbane area now. Several PCA churches needing pastors…..So excited for your mission there!

  2. Hmmmm, in all the yars I’ve known your folks (and you since your 5th grade), I had never heard of the Dance Days reunion at Jones Gulch. However, its always nice to have a DNA party. You have wonderful memories and an exciting future to build!

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