Please Pray- Drought in Papua New Guinea


California is facing serious water issues but most of us aren’t seeing any major impact other than dirtier cars, shorter showers, dry yards and some higher priced food items.  Of course it may get more serious but hunger is not an eminent threat for the great majority of us.  However, Papua New Guinea is in a serious drought and for people who rely on gardens for food and life they need rain.


These pictures are from a few years ago when I was in PNG.  But you can see that the hillsides are covered in gardens.  Main gardens are usually further away from the village but these gardens provide food for a quick snack or an easy meal when needed.  However, drought means that gardens are not growing, water sources are drying up.  This means people are starting to go hungry and if no rain comes, it will get worse.  Here is an article from the UNDP: Frost and drought strikes Papua New Guinea.

Please pray for rain.  Please pray for rain in California and please pray for rain in Papua New Guinea.  Thank you!


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