Wednesday Prayer Days

I have posted about this before in Wonderful Wednesdays but I figure it’s important enough to Ryan and I to post about it more than once anyway.  Beginning last year around this time, as Ryan and I were preparing to visit Australia, we began praying and fasting on Wednesday when we typically would have been eating lunch.  We decided that we needed a set time each week devoted to prayer for our vision, our ministry, our marriage, our community, family, friends and whatever else presented itself.  Of course we pray at other times but this time is different.


Wednesdays have become a special day for Ryan and I.  We know that no matter how crazy the week is, this time is special and set aside.  Sometimes it includes a walk.  Sometimes it includes tears.  Sometimes it includes other conversations and preparations.  But it always centers around prayer.  Uniting, devoted, heartfelt prayer.

We realize that this time of prayer may take many forms as we grow together and life changes for us but we view this as a cornerstone of the life and ministry we want to have together.  As we become busier, prayer becomes even more important and we want our choices to reflect it’s importance.  So as our stomaches grumble, we remember our prayers and rest in the knowledge that they have power and won’t return void.


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