Our Reception Guestbook Quilt- Sashing Cut

Now, if my math is right (it was way more than triple checked so I certainly hope so) and the cutting accurate (Ryan did the difficult parts because he’s more precise than I am), we are one step closer to finishing the Reception Guestbook Quilt.  I still love this idea and think it was perfect for our situation but I guess I didn’t quite think through the whole, I don’t own a sewing machine or any quilting paraphernalia situation.  Oh and the fact that I’ve never quilted on my own before.  However, thanks (many many thanks) to friends who have let me borrow things and multiple friends who have listened and helped with math and my husband who has patiently helped with the process as much as he can, we’re seeing visible progress.


Currently, we have all the sashing cut with some extra fabric, just in case.  The next step is finding a sewing machine to start putting the squares together.  All but 12 squares get exactly the same treatment so I only have one row to set aside and figure out placement before I get started.  Placement of everything else will come later.  I’m excited to see this taking shape.  It’s fun to have the squares out and remember all the people who celebrated with us.  It will be even better once it is all together and finished!

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