The Beach and the Rain


As I write this post we are listening to rolling thunder.  With our drought, any rain is exciting and although we’ve had some sprinkles today, the real rain remains elusive.  Ryan and I went on a two hour walk around Camarillo hoping to enjoy some of the promised scattered showers but we didn’t feel a drop.  Please pray that California would receive rain.  For my weather loving husband, this is an exciting time to keep watching the radar.


Yesterday was beautiful, slightly windy and a wonderful day to spend at the beach.  Not a raincloud, or any cloud for that matter, in sight.  Ryan and I took one of the students I teach online to the Santa Monica.  She is spending a few weeks in California for the summer.  It was fun to meet her and show her some of the great places California has to offer.  Since she arrived in California on Wednesday, she was still dealing with jet lag.  But napping on the beach was just the ticket.  Ryan did some body surfing and I relaxed and enjoyed the sun.

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