The Last Bible Study

5 years in the making and last night was the final Bible Study*.  We studied Revelation 22 which is the final chapter when working through the Bible chronologically.  We also compared and contrasted aspects of Genesis with Revelation and shared memories and favorites from over the years.


I’m thankful for this study because it showed me my husband’s faithfulness and commitment.  It also gave me a picture of his leadership style and was one of the avenues available to me in order to make new friends within Ryan’s community.  A lot has changed in 5 years, people have moved away and new people (me!) have come into the group.  A few couples have gotten married and there are multiple kids (not mine:-).  I’m so glad that I got to be a part of the celebration last night and now we get to look forward to what’s next.  Who knows, but maybe there will be an opportunity in Australia for Ryan to teach through the Bible again:-)

*Summer of 2010, Ryan began in Genesis 1:1.  The Bible study took place at a local church and eventually grew and evolved into a study in our friend’s home.  The study always included dinner which at the beginning was a lot of Little Caesar’s pizza and then a generous friend took over the cooking and provided delicious meals (some of which I’m sure will make themselves into our family meal rotation now that we won’t be getting them on a regular basis).  5 years of teaching and studying God’s word.  It’s an awesome accomplishment!


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