Tall Husband Perk #6


I’ll never confuse his shoes for mine.  I wouldn’t consider my feet small but Ryan’s shoe size works with his height so the man has large feet.  Of course, we don’t usually mix up our shoes but we recently both got very similar Rainbows.  After many many happy years wearing through my old Rainbows, they finally needed to be replaced.  Ryan also needed new flip-flops and Rainbows are actually available in his size. (Try searching for size 15 shoes.  It isn’t as easy as you think.)  But even with their similarities I’m never going to confuse his shoes with mine.  Just another perk of having a tall husband.*

*This entry could have been titled, all the reasons having size 15 feet causes problems but we’d rather focus on the positive and I’m thankful for the large feet that keep my husband standing tall.


3 thoughts on “Tall Husband Perk #6

    • We bought them online (because that’s the only way to get Ryan’s size:-) but you can get them at swim, surf, other stores or other online places. They are very long lasting, my other pair (which aren’t falling apart, just being worn through) made it through 8+ years (including 3 years of almost constant wear in PNG). Very comfortable because they eventually mold to your foot and worth the price because they last so so long.

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