Continued Prayers for Nepal


When media responds extensively to events in our world, we often feel overloaded by information.  It’s easy to get caught up in the initial tragedy and grief.  (This response can be genuine but unfortunately it isn’t always.)  Sometimes the coverage is so intense that from our comfortable lives we can get bored or annoyed hearing the same or similar stories over and over again.  But then as the coverage fades, it’s easy to forget the people who are still rebuilding their lives and sometimes still suffering.


Let’s remember to keep praying for the people in Nepal who are still recovering and rebuilding from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that happened on April 25th.  This graphic (which was current as of June 11th) shows that most people have received relief supplies.  From my friends who live and work in Nepal, the news is that relief is still ongoing but at least some normal pre-earthquake work has resumed.  However, please keep praying because monsoon season will be a challenge for people who still don’t have permanent shelter and access to normal supplies, food and otherwise.  Your prayers make a difference in Nepal.

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