Reasons #38- #40 Why I Love My Husband

#38- He’s chill and easy going.  I can easily get anxious, overwhelmed and hyper.  But Ryan’s patience and calm demeanor is a sweet oasis for me.


#39- He can take care of our cars.  General maintenance can be expensive, especially if you have to pay a mechanic for the labor.  Ryan may not be a super mechanic who can fix everything but he can easily do basic maintenance, even if my car proves to be a more challenging patient.  This is NOT a requirement for all men but after growing up with a dad who did almost all the maintenance on our cars, I’m very thankful for a husband who isn’t afraid to get a little grease under his finger nails.

#40- Because he loves me.  Maybe it’s just me but sometimes it is much easier to love someone when they already love you and consistently show their love.  I hope Ryan and I never stop trying to out love each other.

A list of 40 things seems quite small compared to the growing love I have for my husband.  But each reason for love is a part of our story and I enjoy being able to share at least some of the reasons he is special with all of you. Click here to look back on some of the previous reasons:  Why I Love My Husband.

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