Back in the Water Again

After about 2 years, I’m finally swimming again.  I’ve always loved the water.  Some people think swimming in a pool is boring, just back and forth, back and forth, but I enjoy this kind of monotony.  I get to put my head down and feel the water around me, stretching and using the muscles that seem to hide until you get into a pool.  I get to count my laps and just focus on breathing.


When I moved to Camarillo, I was disappointed that there were no outdoor public pools (there is one but you can’t just swim, you have to join their gym).  I believe swimming has it’s perks besides exercise- sun, getting a tan and being outdoors.  So I wasn’t super motivated to start swimming in an indoor pool.  But with my husbands encouragement, we finally found a deal we couldn’t refuse.  It may be an indoor pool but since I swim in the mornings, the sun isn’t up anyway and most importantly, I’m swimming again.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Water Again

  1. Good for you Joy! I too love to swim. It is so very good for you..I need to get back to swimming. I really miss it!

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