Thankful for….Rain

Southern California has so much non-weather* that when anything changes drastically it’s a surprise and worth noting.  The weather yesterday was especially noteworthy because it came with rain.  This was the tail end of a tropical storm so it was warm, humid and drizzly.  Although we’d love more rain, with the drought, a little is better than nothing.


If you look closely you can see the rain drops falling around my favorite yellow roses that are right outside our front door.  This rain provided all the thirsty plants with a nice little drink.  It was wonderful to work around the house yesterday and hear the sound of rain on the skylight.  Since it was warm, I even had the windows open so that I could hear even the faintest sprinkle as the rain came and went all day.  Today, it is dry again but still I’m thankful for the summer rain.

*Non-weather: When the forecast could pretty much perpetually be morning fog, highs in the low 70s and sunny.


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