Approved For Atlanta- Certain Uncertainty

We’re heading to Atlanta in July!  One step closer to Australia and yet still so much that has to happen.  But instead of dwelling on the distant future, let’s just look forward to next month.  The last week in July, Ryan and I will be in Atlanta.  We’re thankful to everyone who has given to our ministry fund and those who continue to give because this means that the entire cost of our trip, tickets, etc, are already covered.  The purpose of this trip is to attend REV (REV is short for Readiness Evaluation and it is a week long course that tests to see how ready we are to live and work overseas).  I’ve been through REV in 2012 but this time will still be a challenge.  They’ve changed things a bit, I’m now married to Ryan and it’s been a couple years.

Although I can’t go into any real details about the course, you can read the poem I wrote: A Long Week in Atlanta, after the course.  It was an intense week but it was worth it.  I hope that Ryan and I both have a positive experience this year.  One of my favorite things from this poem is the line about certain uncertainty.  I feel like this is definitely a theme for our lives.

Outcasts United

But if you must have some details, I can recommend this book: Outcasts United.  This was passed on to us as pre-REV reading and I read it after I attended REV the first time.  We will be crossing into this world during our week in Atlanta and this book is an amazing look into a part of the United States that many people don’t even know exists.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  This is a big hurdle that we have to clear before Australia but every step has its purpose and like I’ve said before, I’m thankful to have Ryan by my side and to be doing this together. 🙂

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