Road to Australia- Upcoming Events and Prayers

Getting to Australia is a long process.  We’ve already made some progress but there are still a few major steps that need to take place.  If we were just moving there on our own, we could leave once we had jobs and visas but that’s not the path we’ve chosen.  However, this week we are having two meetings that are important turning points for us.


On Tuesday we will meet with the pastor from our sending church in Santa Barbara.  This will hopefully be our last meeting before we can be confirmed as members.  If you are interested in details and more information about why this is necessary or what this means, please feel free to ask.  But without going into a long explanation, Ryan and I are grateful and excited to have multiple church communities supporting us and helping us move towards our goal of living and working in Australia.

Then on Wednesday, we have an interview over the internet with someone from MTW.  I had a phone interview with this same person in 2007 before I started the process for PNG.  It’s crazy to think that now 8 years later, Ryan and I will be having an interview together that will determine whether or not we attend our first MTW training at the end of July.  Thinking ahead to this interview reminds me how thankful I am to have Ryan as my partner as we go through this process together.  I’m no longer heading into this alone, we are a team and he is such a wonderful asset.

Please continue to pray for us as we get closer to Australia.  Please pray for our church relationships.  Please pray for these interviews, that our hearts would come through and that we would be given the green light to move ahead with this process.  And finally please pray for Ryan and I, that we could continue to grow closer to each other in Christ.


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