Where were you 7 years ago?

Evidently I was registering on WordPress.  Even though I didn’t post my first entry until August, I remember working on designing the blog, choosing the layout, banner picture and even the title.  I sent out a text to a group of friends asking for ideas and one friend wrote back with “Finding Joy in Papua New Guinea”.  Since then the base title Finding Joy has stuck with me and the end has just changed as my life and circumstances have changed.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.44.50 AM

I’m thankful for this platform that I’ve used to share my life over these past 7 years.  I love that people can read as they want, wherever they live.  I know some people who read just as I post, others who log on once a month and read through what they’ve missed.  But if at any point you’re wondering, What is Joy doing now?, this blog is a great place to come and find out.

From Papua New Guinea to California, from singleness to marriage and now our life here and looking towards Australia, this blog has helped me document the journey.  Thank you everyone who has read this blog.  Thank you everyone who has prayed over this blog.  Thank you to everyone near and far.  I look forward to the next 7 years:-)

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