Changing Personalities

I already posted about the Psychological Testing that Ryan and I had to take for MTW.  I wrote about the Couples Checkup testing and how Ryan and I are happily compatible.  And today we received more of the testing in our inboxes in preparation for a Skype interview on June 3rd.  This will be the interview that determines whether or not we will be traveling to Atlanta for the July training.  This testing, like the last testing is very interesting to look through and talk about.

We took many different types of tests but the one most familiar is the MBTI that is more commonly referred to as the Myers-Briggs.  If you aren’t familiar with this or it’s been awhile, there are free Myers-Briggs type tests like this one called the Jung Typology Test.  The actual Myers-Briggs is pretty expensive but it’s a great tool and the breakdown you receive within the categories is especially interesting and helpful.  The MBTI tells about 4 ways a person interacts with the world and their preferences for source of energy (Extroversion-Introversion), taking in information (Sensing-Intuition), decision making (Thinking-Feeling) and lifestyle (Judging-Perceiving).


I remember taking this test when I was little (elementary school age) and I found out I was an ENFP.  Then I took the test in 2007 for MTW and once again tested as an ENFP.  The results are shown above.  The general characteristics for an ENFP are “Lively, charismatic, and encouraging, ENFPs work well when they can innovate and be creative, persuade others to action, and stimulate positive change.  They generate enthusiasm for startup activities, are tireless in pursuit of new-found interests, and anticipate the needs of people and organizations.”  This seemed to fit me well most of my life.

MBTI- 2015

I took the test again in 2012 for MTW and was once again an ENFP but I remember my ratios being different, a little less definitive.  This was after PNG and life had evidently had changed me a bit.  Unfortunately I can’t find that test but I do have the results (seen above) from my current test.  I was thinking that things might have changed regarding the lifestyle category and I was right.  This time I tested an ENFJ.  The general characteristics for an ENFJ are ” Warm, supportive, and friendly, ENFJs work well when they can focus on people’s aspirations, develop organized plans to meet goals, and maintain integrity as they work.  They tune into others- easily getting to know their hopes and dreams- foster collaboration, and strive for the common good.”

So what does this mean?  Well I’m not going to analyze the Myers-Briggs types, they are what they are.  If you’re interested, there are a lot of online resources.  But I do find it interesting that my perception of the world and how I interact with the world has changed and developed over time.  I’m sure there are many factors and only time will tell if the next phase of my life changes me again.

I’d be interested in seeing if it’s normal to change and develop or if people often stay the same.  Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type and has it changed over time?

4 thoughts on “Changing Personalities

  1. I’m an INTJ–pretty flexible on the N/S side, though. And while I’m a solid Introvert, when I do socialize, I definitely don’t fit the “quiet and shy” stereotype.

    I discovered the MBTI in college and it helped me get through so many conflicts I’d been having with friends and roommates. If I’d known about it my freshman year, I probably could have avoided dating my first boyfriend (a relationship train wreck) because he was an extreme P and I am an extreme J.

    I definitely think environment can play a huge part in whether your personality shifts one way or the other. For example, when I’m around other J’s, I can relax and be more spontaneous.

    • Thanks for the comment. It is indeed useful. I really like the way the full MBTI breaks down the 4 categories even further because just being the same type means things are similar but not exactly the same. And differences might be different based on the people too. For example, my mom and dad are complete opposites:-)

  2. I come out ENFJ about 50% of the time. The other 50% I am ENFP- I’m not surprised you tested differently. It can come down to the specific questions and the mood you may be in at the time if you are right in the middle of a category. Either way, I think you are spectacular!

    • That’s interesting. I’m currently identifying more with the ENFJ but it makes sense that certain situations and moods could impact the results. Thanks for the vote of confidence too! 🙂

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