Nepal- Prayers and Pictures


I know that this blog normally focuses on Marriage, Teaching, Australia, Papua New Guinea and other things that are generally related to my history, future and day to day life.  However, my heart has been breaking for Nepal.  There is pain and tragedy all over the world but there is something about the current situation in Nepal that has been occupying my thoughts and prayers.


On Tuesday there was another major earthquake near Bahrbise that killed even more people.  This was an area where the MTW team had just recently assessed the damage.  The pictures featured here were taken by the team as they talked with people and traveled to remote areas.

This short video also shows the destruction from the earthquake as well as some faces of people who are living through the tragedy.  It highlights MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) which is an organization that works all over the world.  I flew with them often in PNG.  And I am encouraged that in times like these, when faced with massive devastation that organizations can pull together to provide relief and eventually help rebuild.

Please continue to pray for Nepal.  Pray for safety in the middle of aftershocks.  Pray for no more major earthquakes.  Pray that relief reaches the remote places.  And pray for the rain to stay back until some rebuilding can begin.  Thank you for praying for the country and the people of Nepal.

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