Reasons #35-#37 Why I Love My Husband

#35- He starts the teakettle for me in the morning so that I can have tea or coffee. It’s really nice to already hear the kettle singing when I’m getting myself ready for my early morning ESL classes.


#36- He controls his temper. Ryan’s brothers can tell many stories about Ryan losing his temper when he was younger. While these stories can be quite entertaining, I’ve noticed that I married a very different Ryan. Thanks to prayer and the grace of God, Ryan is now much better at controlling his temper. This is a huge blessing to me and will continue to be a blessing in our marriage.

#37- His unique point of view. Depending on the situation, this is also a challenge for us. But generally having a spouse who can see a situation in a different way is very beneficial.

I love having this list to look back on, especially on the difficult days.  It reminds me that there are lots of reasons, big and small, that I love and cherish my husband.  To read reasons #32-#34 click here: Why I Love My Husband.

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