The Earthquake in Nepal- How to Pray

Most people have mixed feelings in regards to social media but in an emergency, social media is often a blessing because it can be a quick source of direct information.  I can hear about things happening all over the world from the news but if I know someone on the ground in that area, I would rather hear what’s going on from them.Nepal

For example, the earthquakes that triggered tsunamis and tsunami warnings earlier this year in the Pacific.  And now with this large earthquake in Nepal.  I only know one person in Nepal but Facebook sent me a notification saying that she had checked in and was ok.  This was a surprising Facebook feature that could actually be quite assuring and useful in a disaster of this kind (or it could be unnerving if the person or people you are worried about don’t check in right away).  And Twitter has also proved pretty amazing in this situation because not only is it keeping people updated, but it has even been useful in helping some people get to safety.

I met this friend, who currently lives in Nepal, when we studied together in Ghana.  She has lived and worked in Nepal for many years now and specifically works on water projects (helping people access clean water).  In addition to hearing from her on Facebook, I also received an email update with ways to pray.  I love that these requests are straight from someone who is there on the ground.  Thank you for lifting up this part of the world and the people there.

  • There is still anxiety that this will trigger another quake on one of Nepal’s other 2 fault lines and for more 5+ aftershocks that will further destabilize buildings. Please pray Psalm 46 for the assurance of God’s continued presence and protection.
  • Please pray for those who have lost loved ones and those who have lost their shelter either temporarily or permanently.
  • Please pray for those sleeping outside that the weather will hold stable and it won’t rain.
  • Water shortages are always a problem in Kathmandu, please pray that the water supply will be sufficient and uncontaminated (I’ve heard reports of “rust colored” water). Please pray that the temporary outdoor living will not lead to a cholera outbreak.
  • Please pray for our response team traveling to Kathmandu and for UMN staff as we implement our emergency response plan that we will be able to help.
  • Please pray for the teenage children of several missionary colleagues who are in Kathmandu and separated from the rest of their family here in Pokhara and for other families who are separated from loved ones.
  • Please pray for calm and release from fear as the aftershocks continue.

I will do my best to post another update if I receive more information.  Thank you to everyone is praying.  Also, if you want to know how to give financially to Nepal let me know and I can put you in touch with my friend.

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