ESL and Mr. Rooter

Typically plumbing is not synonymous with ESL.  However, I don’t tend to stay on the typical path so I’m excited about my newest work opportunity.  Today I start my first Adult Ed teaching assignment (other than subbing) and it happens to be sponsored as well as take place at a local Mr. Rooter.  The company is starting this class for their employees and also opening it up for the community.

Mr. Rooter

This class is definitely a great opportunity but it also presents some challenges.  It will be a multi-level class and today I’m walking in only knowing generally what level the students might be.  But I have a lot of support from other teachers and the Adult school so I’m excited about all the possibilities.  Teaching adults is wonderful because they are self motivated and they attend these classes because they want to learn.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know this class and maybe I’ll learn something about plumbing too.

One thought on “ESL and Mr. Rooter

  1. YOY Go Guy xo xo God’s Blessings… We can All learn a little about plumbing to help in our lives xox ox

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