Laundry Day

I don’t know many people who enjoy doing laundry.  I totally understand the enjoyment that you can find in good smelling, clean clothes but the act of doing laundry, not so much.  However, I count myself lucky.  We don’t have laundry in our home but because it is just Ryan and I, I only do laundry once every two weeks.


Loading everything in my car and carting it all into the laundromat isn’t one of my favorite things but I am thankful for the multiple washers.  Door to door, depending on how many loads, I rarely spent more than two hours doing laundry.  That works out to about an hour a week of laundry time including folding.  I realize this is a moment in time for Ryan and I.  At some point we will have kids, an in-home washer and dryer, be back to line-drying clothes, be living out of a suitcase and all sorts of other things that will impact how long laundry takes in our future stages.  But for now I will enjoy another two weeks before I have to do laundry again.

2 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. HAHA. Mt husband Jack is doing laundry every day! Either we are the cleanest, or the dirtiest people on earth. Some times I think he goes and get other people’s things just so he can wash.

  2. I know we miss our “laundry fairy,” a.k.a. Nonni or Gram. She is the only person I know who LIKED doing it. My kids would barely get home from school and she would examine their clothes … “That looks a little dirty I should wash it.” We jokingly called her the “laundry nazi” (think back to the Seinfeld episode of “Soup Nazi”). It was term of endearment.

    Now I am teaching my kids (9 and 12 yrs old) how to do laundry. They, like you (and me and many others) do not relish this chore. 🙂

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