Quilt Progress

Thanks to a couple of friends and internet research, I’ve made some more progress on our wedding guestbook quilt.  It’s amazing to me how much math is involved.  Of course there would be less math if I was using all scraps and didn’t really care about the fabric choices but even in that situation there would still be math involved.  I’m currently figuring out how much fabric I need to buy for the dark blue sashing between the squares.  So I went over to a friends house and we diagramed it out.  We figured out how long and wide the vertical strips needed to be and how long and wide the horizontal steps needed to be.  Then I just multiply that with how many strips I need and I can figure out how much fabric to buy.


I had already made a picture of what the quilt should look like but my friend suggested that I work on making it a bit more to scale and even color it in so I get a better idea of the finished product.  This turned out to be a great idea for figuring out where to place the different colored blocks.  We don’t have enough floor space to lay them all out so I was able to play with patterns in a different format.

Quilt Random

Based on the amount of blue, white and yellow squares, I came up with these two basic options.  The first has a patterned border with yellow, blue, yellow, blue and a couple white corners.  But the other is more random with the yellow sprinkled throughout.  I’m not sure yet which I prefer and I’ll need to get Ryan’s input too before making the final decision.

The next step is to buy the sashing fabric and start cutting the strips.  I’ll need over 300 all together so this will be a process in and of itself.  But I’m happy to see things moving forward.  Maybe I’ll have it done by our second wedding anniversary:-)

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