Psychological Testing

Yup, you read that right.  After turning in 95% of our MTW application for Australia, we received a flood of psychological testing that we are working through.  This is one of the reasons we chose MTW.  Not that we wanted to take all these tests but we know that MTW is thorough and committed to making sure that they don’t sent people out of the country who aren’t ready or prepared.  MTW doesn’t use these tests as a final yes or no but instead as an inroad for conversations, team awareness as well as self awareness.

This testing includes the MMPI (personality traits and psychopathology), MBTI (aka Myers Briggs), EQ-I (emotional intelligence), Hogan (personality and cognitive ability) and a Couple Checkup.  I’ve taken all of these before, well, except for the Couple Checkup.  This is my first time being in a couple while applying.  It’s kind of exciting.  So far we’ve only received the results from the Couple Checkup and it was actually very enlightening.

Couple Checkup

Ryan and I had areas of high agreement across the board.  In some ways this was surprising because we find that we often struggle with communication and resolution conflict.  But it was encouraging because this test showed us that although we have not arrived or figured it all out, we are in agreement with the areas still need growth and that we both are committed to continued effort.

The test also listed some interesting discussion points that provided really interesting and insightful conversation.  I’m sure we will look back on it sometimes in order to keep perspective on our relationship.

Over the course of this year, we will be talking about and analyzing these tests until we’re sick of them.  But for now it’s fun to find out a little more about ourselves.  I also look forward to comparing these results to my previous results from a few years ago and before PNG.  It’s always interesting to see how life can change you but that some things stay the same.

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