Reasons #32-#34 Why I Love My Husband

#32- He will try anything once. The following picture is from our friend’s wedding.  Notice the guys are holding the limbo bar up at their shoulders.  Even though limbo isn’t Ryan’s thing (hmmm, I wonder why!?), he still wanted to participate and give it a shot.  And he had fun!


#33- Our united vision. We’ve been working hard on the MTW application and all the pieces they need from us.  Our schedules have also changed because of church attendance and we’ve been making adjustments that may not be easy or comfortable now but we know that each of these steps get us closer to Australia.  Without our united vision, this wouldn’t be possible.  I’m so thankful to have a husband whose heart for ministry and vision for our future is united with mine.

#34- He kisses me everyday.  This one is self explanatory:-)

One thought on “Reasons #32-#34 Why I Love My Husband

  1. He kisses you every day! This is wonderful news and I think this is important! At least I feel this is important to Jack and I! Everyone is different, but I so love my husband and a kiss every day is just so special to me and I hope Jach, Ha,Ha, because I feel it brings me closer to Jack and to God for the three of us!

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