Praying For Perth

Even though Ryan and I are on this side of the pond, we still have a connection to the people and places in Australia, specifically in and around Perth.  We are intending to work with a team that is already there on the ground.  Berenice is a wonderful artist who uses a wide variety materials as her canvas.  Everything from egg shells to doll heads.  Her work isn’t just interesting to look at, it has a story behind it.  She also uses bones.  Yes, bones!  You can see one of her works HERE and although I did not contribute to this work, I did collect bones for her while I was living in PNG.  I also love that she uses and plays with language. Check out more of her art on her website: berenice rarig- artist.


Art can be ministry and this is very evident in Berenice’s latest work.  She is praying through the Perth phone book.  Each name gets prayed over, written out in beautiful script and collected together in little books.  Since artwork is a process for Berenice, I’m sure this work will evolve as she works her way through the alphabet.  She has reached the Ds and although it is a long and hand-inking process, the power of prayer is at work here.  Once completed Berenice can say that she has prayed for everyone in the city by name.  How awesome is that!?

One thought on “Praying For Perth

  1. It just blows me away how many different ways people come up with to pray! Always different, caring, very special , and their prayers are heard by God!

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