Not April Fools but Happy Birthday!

For some people April 1st might be just another day.  While for others, as one of my ESL students told me, it is a ‘day of jokes’.  But, when I think of April 1st, I think of two different things.  First of all, my parents had their first date on April 1st.  This date led to marriage, two kids and and 40 some odd years together (Is it terrible that I don’t know exactly how many years my parent’s have been married?  Sorry Mom and Dad!).  Well, they’ve been married a good amount of time and they are still going strong.  So that first date was no joke.

photo (1)

Another celebration that takes place every April 1st is my friend Stacy’s birthday.  This picture is us together celebrating one of my birthdays because I’ve rarely been up in Sacramento around April 1st to celebrate with her.  But despite my birthday absences, we’ve been friends for a long time and if I was up in Sacramento with access to my elementary school pictures, I’m sure I could pull up all sorts of embarrassing ones of the two of us together.  Stacy was even my partner in crime during high school.  We spent a lot of time together, had classes together, did church activities together, hung out and got in trouble.  She stayed my friend even when I went through my ‘I want to be a hermit’ phase and we didn’t talk for awhile which was fine for us but really strange for the guys that we had to work with in science lab.  What!? Not everyone goes through a ‘I want to be a hermit’ phase?  Well, I did but thankfully I was over it after about a week or so.

IMG_0817 copy

I have wondered what it would be like to go in to labor on April 1st.  Would anyone believe you?  What about the birth announcement?  And now with Facebook you have easy access to all sorts of people on April 1st who may or may not believe that you’ve just given birth to a sweet bundle of joy (or in this case sweet bundle of Stacy).

Well, it happened, Stacy is an official April 1st baby, and each year we get to celebrate her while everyone else plays jokes on each other.  So here’s to Stacy, my friend since childhood.  We’ve celebrated many milestones together and I’m so thankful that we can pick up where we left off even after being apart for months or sometimes years.  Here’s to the one who was my friend even though I was the strange kid who use to glue my fingers together and let’s face it, do many other strange things even after elementary school.  Here’s to many lazy pool days in her parent’s backyard and countless hours spent watching Life is Beautiful over and over again.  My friend Stacy, who appreciates the finer things in life, including hand-made cards and good Scotch.  I hope you have the happiest of birthdays and I wish you many many more.  Maybe someday I’ll even make it up to Sacramento to celebrate with you.  Happy Birthday Stacy!


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