Caught Up in a Book- The Dead Key

I get caught up in books all the time.  Recently I’ve gotten better at reading a chapter or two before bed or while waiting for an appointment and slowly savoring the storyline.  However, after reading a book for awhile, the characters seem to become my friends.  I care about them and what happens to them so as the book progresses, my ability to stop after just one or two chapters becomes inhibited.  Especially with mystery novels, I read faster and faster just to find out what happens next.  I use to be able to gauge how much story I had left with novels because I could see where I was in the book and make an educated guess, now I just rely on the handy dandy time estimates provided by my kindle.

Last night was one of those nights where I just couldn’t put the book down.  I read late into the night, my kindle light glowing while my husband slept soundly.  I kept thinking, just one more chapter but there was always something else to discover and I couldn’t imagine falling asleep without knowing.  I’m now suffering the consequences of giving up two hours of sleep but it was worth it.  I know the book’s ending, my curiosity has been satiated and my angst has been tamed.


The Dead Key by D.M. Pulley caught my attention because of the way it was written.  There are two storylines that waltz and weave throughout the book.  One is a modern mystery, the other a mystery from 20 years earlier.  However, both are connected and the author intermingles the stories in order to feed the reader the pertinent information in small doses.  At the beginning each layer unveiled just adds to the intrigue.  But by the end (the reason I couldn’t put it down last night) all those layers start to peal back and everything is revealed with just enough twists to keep you guessing.  I love a good mystery where something happens and I think “Wait, what!?” just to think a little more and smack myself in the forehead because I suspected the character was more than they seemed but I didn’t see that one coming.

If you like mysteries and non-linear stories then The Dead Key is worth a read.  I didn’t understand or even really like the characters at first so be patient with the stories as they develop.   But your patience will be rewarded and by the end you might just have to stay up an extra couple of hours to find out how it all ends.

One thought on “Caught Up in a Book- The Dead Key

  1. Greetings from FL, Joy! One of our good friends has a niece who writes Christian mystery stories………she’s a strong Christian and it is interwoven in her stories. I have read only one of her books (softback) and enjoyed it………you might also……..her name is Brandilyn Collins…….and she has digital editions of her mystery novels. I just “googled her” and she has digital editions also…………give her a try. AND……….glad you had a good time Down Under……….blessings……..Ron & Mary Lou

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