Loving and Learning- Aboriginal Culture

While Ryan and I were in Perth, we stopped by the Aboriginal Cultural Center in Fremantle.  While there we got to look at original Aboriginal art, talk to the center volunteers and I signed up to receive their cultural program schedules.  The program schedules are based on Noongar Seasons and it is currently Djeran.  Each email I get is a reminder to pray for the healing and learning that is still taking place in Australia between the Aboriginal and the white community.


This season there are art and language classes as well as events geared towards reconciliation.  May 26th is National Sorry Day, a nationally recognized day in Australia, which gives people the chance to come together and dialog about steps that can be taken towards healing from the Stolen Generations (Aboriginals forcefully removed from their families and communities).  For this day the center will be having a workshop and exhibition.

Just reading about these events gives me something to look forward to, as well as reminds me of some of the challenges we will face, once we are in Australia.  I also follow Fremantle Aboriginal Events on Facebook.  I know we won’t be living directly in Fremantle but we will be close enough to participate in some events and use this center to continue learning about the Aboriginal community and Aboriginal culture past, present and future.

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