An Urgent Prayer Request From PNG


Please pray for Osa, the wife of one of our Onobasulu translators.  She was bitten by a death adder and thanks to a number of extraordinary circumstances (praise God!) is at a hospital that has anti-venom and is being treated.  It’s surprisingly hard to find a hospital with the right stuff and death adder bites are deadly and need to be treated as soon as possible.  These snakes are not erroneously named.  Please pray that the venom doesn’t enter her torso and that no lasting damage will be done.


Please also pray for the Onobasulu Bible translation.  Many unfortunate circumstances are slowing down the translation progress.  Osa being bit by a snake, another literacy co-worker in the hospital with chronic headaches (possibly the result of a serious fall last year) and the American translator getting sick enough that she couldn’t fly back to PNG as planned, are just some examples of the series of events that leave us feeling spiritually attacked and oppressed.  Even though I am in the US, my heart breaks for the Onobasulu, especially for the main workers and their families who seem to bear the brunt of these attacks.  Even Osa is not just a translator’s wife but also someone who has helped us record scripture (it’s not a given that Onobasulu women can read and even if they can read, many women aren’t fluent enough to record scripture).  She supports the translation work in so many ways.

The translators have recently finished working on Thessalonians.  And 2 Thessalonians 2 is very clear about some of the lies and ways Satan will seek to thwart God’s work.  Please pray for the Onobasulu.  Pray that the translation work would move forward and God’s word would have a powerful impact on the community.  Please pray for Osa, that she would heal fully and praise God for all the extraordinary events that allowed her to get to the hospital as quickly as she did.  Thank you for participating in caring for the Onobasulu through your prayers!

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