A Typical Friday Afternoon

Most Friday afternoons you can find my husband hard at work.  No, he’s not at the office (i.e. the church or the radio station) or anywhere else for that matter.  He’s typically in our living room pouring over commentaries, online resources and multiple Bible translations.  He making his final preparations for the Friday night study with movie scores playing in the background.


Ryan has been teaching through the Bible chronologically since July of 2010.  That’s 4+ years of faithful preparation and teaching.  And this week we are in Titus and Jude which means we’re getting pretty close to the end.  Ryan hopes to complete teaching through the Bible in July of this year.  It will be a bittersweet time but finishing this study will open up other doors for us to take more steps towards Australia.

In the past 4 years the study has gone through many changes.  It use to be a group of single men and some women.  Couples have now married, babies have been born, people have moved away, new people have started attending and all sorts of other life has happened.  Now there are still some singles but many more married couples and multiple children with more on the way (not mine in case you’re wondering).  And through this all, Ryan has continued to learn, teach and lead this group of men and women.

Although there are plenty of other things Ryan could be doing on a Friday afternoon, I know that effort he puts into the study is beneficial to everyone who comes and learns.  This study is just one of the many things Ryan has done in preparation for our future life and ministry together even before there was an ‘us’ and an ‘our’.  I’m thankful for a husband who is so faithful and devoted to God’s word.


One thought on “A Typical Friday Afternoon

  1. Every time I read things like this Joy I realize even more how you two are suited for each other! God does have a plan for both of you! This is very Blessed indeed!

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