Reasons #29-#31 Why I Love My Husband

It’s been awhile since the last installment of Reasons Why I Love My Husband but that doesn’t mean that anything has changed.  I still love and am in love with this wonderful, quirky, interesting man.  So here are reasons #29-#31.

#29- He loves his family. Ryan just spent a few days back in Wisconsin for his grandmother’s funeral. Being far away makes the time spent with family even more precious. Ryan is a good son and calls his parents every Sunday. He doesn’t do it because he has to, he does it because he loves his parents and wants to stay connected to his family.

IMG_1646This picture is of Ryan and I with his Grandma, one of Ryan’s brothers and one of Ryan’s cousins when we were engaged and visiting for Wisconsin for Christmas in 2013.

#30- He misses me when we’re apart. The time Ryan spent with his family in Wisconsin was good for him but difficult for us. Even on our busiest days we normally have lunch together or even a random hour or so together in between jobs. So on days when we’re both busier or we miss connecting (even for that short time) during the day, Ryan misses me. I miss him too but this isn’t about me:-)

#31- He is not afraid of my tears. My husband likes to say, “I’m not mascara, I don’t run at the first sign of tears.” I’ve cried a lot* since we’ve been married and I’m so thankful that Ryan is learning when to ask about my tears, when to ignore my tears and when to dry my tears. He’s wonderful.

*Note: What does a lot mean?  Well, it depends on the week.  There are happy tears, there are sad tears, there are tears of frustration and many other kinds of tears.  I cry for my friends when they are hurting and I cry when I laugh too hard.  I can go a long time without crying but then it sometimes seems that not a day goes by without at least some tears.  That’s what I mean by a lot.

One thought on “Reasons #29-#31 Why I Love My Husband

  1. That is so very special for a husband to be able to do that! Husbands have NO idea how much we need that at times! Men and woman are very different, and that is one reason why we love them so much!

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