My Weekend Playdate

20150301_152106This weekend with Ryan gone I had some extra time so I decided to help out a cute friend.  This little one needed an extra friend to stay and play because her mother is currently pregnant and on bedrest.

20150301_151947We had lots of fun, played games, did puzzles, threw balls, played with letters and much much more.  She’s a super active, sweet and precocious 17 month old.

20150301_152031I’m thankful that I could redeem this weekend, help out a friend and have some company so that I wouldn’t be alone.

20150301_152011Please pray for this family, for lots of other helpers to entertain the little one and keep the mama sane while she has to rest and minimize getting up and down.  Please pray for the contractions to stop and that the newest little one would stay put for the next three months.  Thank you!

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