Ryan’s Grandma

Please be in prayer for Ryan and his family.  On Monday night his 96 year old grandmother died peacefully in her sleep.  This woman had an amazing influence on her grandsons.  I had the privilege of meeting her twice and I’m so thankful that I can share, at least some, memories of her with Ryan.  We will never forget her reaction to seeing my engagement ring for the first time.  And we have other sweet reminders of her too.  She made the dishcloths that we use every day in our kitchen.  I love the tangible, useful reminder of her.  Ryan’s Grandma was a strong, wonderful, Christian woman and her legacy lives on in her family.  They are rejoicing that she is in heaven but still mourning their loss.Grandma

Ryan will be flying to Wisconsin on Thursday.  All of Ryan’s brothers will be there with the family.  This is important for them to have time together to mourn and remember.  Please pray for safe travels and please pray for Ryan and I, because 4 days will be the longest we’ve been apart since we’ve been married.

Losing a loved one is never easy.  Expecting it doesn’t take away the pain but the mourning is much sweeter when you know that the person you lost is a believer.  We can rejoice because Ryan’s Grandma is in the presence of her savior.

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