Making the Best of the Sunshine


While other parts of the country are cold and icy, I finally got over my pity party and took advantage of our weather here.  Two hikes in two days was a wonderful way to enjoy the weekend.  Yes, the sun helped but the company made it even better.


We haven’t seen these two since we were in Wisconsin for our reception last summer.  They were escaping the Chicago cold and hiking up to Inspiration Point in Santa Barbara is always a good choice.  We caught up on life and the guys talked adventures in cooking and sports.  So thankful for friends where we can pick up where we left off even if it’s been awhile.


Then Ryan and I took advantage of President’s Day by hiking near Malibu.  The route we usually take is closed because of damage during one of the last rains (since there are still drought conditions, when it rains a lot all at once it can cause major mudslides and problems in these canyons) so we went up the Chumash Trail and it was tough but worth the effort.  From the ocean to these beautiful rolling hills and valleys.  It’s currently so green and the flowers are blooming beautifully.


I got sick of smiling nicely for all the pictures and we made it back down the trail in one piece.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and that our friends in cold places are staying warm and safe.


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