It’s Another Bright Sun-Shiny Day

Southern California weather definitely has its perks.  Sunshine and warm weather year around.  What is there to complain about?  Nothing really so please don’t take this post as complaining.  I just realized that this, being my first entire year living in southern California, has given me a new perspective on California weather.


Up until this year, I have never missed the cold.  I loved the heat when I was growing up in northern California.  A few weeks of cold and rain during the ‘winter’ and then I was ready for summer again.  I cried when I was living in Germany and it snowed heavily in September because I was worried that it was going to be snowy until March.  (It didn’t snow that long and we didn’t even get a white Christmas but that’s beside the point.)  I relished the weather while living in Papua New Guinea.  When it got down to the 50s, I was cold and I couldn’t wait for the kenegi (cloud time) to be over.  The mix of sun and rain was great.  I’m excited to be moving to Australia, more sun, more heat, yay!  Or at least I thought…

This is the first year I’ve ever lived in southern California.  Yes, I lived in Santa Barbara for college but I always went back up north for holidays.  I never just stayed in southern California but this ‘winter’ we only spent one day up north, one day.  So I’m here in lovely southern California, enjoying the sunshine but I keep waiting for some sign of winter and it still hasn’t happened.  We bought flannel sheets because I was looking forward to snuggling and being warm but we haven’t had a long enough break in the warm weather this season to warrant using them.  We’re having no problem staying warm but is it wrong to want more than one random day of rain?

My husband misses the snow and I think he’s crazy but he is from the midwest so I guess it’s in his blood (not the being crazy part, the missing the snow part).  Snow and being cold doesn’t excite me unless there is a cozy fire and of course, flannel sheets.  When I see news of snow storms in other places, I find myself very thankful for California weather.  (Side note: I know there is snow in California but it doesn’t get nearly as cold or blustery as other parts of the country and it doesn’t snow in any of the major cities.)  Visiting the snow is something I could get use to, however, living in the snow would require a direct and serious calling from God.  But for the first time in my life, I’m finding myself missing winter.  Keep in mind that my idea of winter is some good rain and cold enough temperatures to wear sweaters.  Give me that for a month or just a few weeks and I’m good.

So there you have it.  I’m a wimp who doesn’t desire real winter but I do miss some weather.  We desperately need rain and it’s been so dry, lovely but very very dry.  Southern California has many wonderful things going for it, sunshine and moderate temperatures being two of those things.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t get super excited when it rains and hope desperately that the rain, that does pass through, would last longer than 12 hours. Here’s to hoping for a very wet and cool end of winter into spring.  Hey, it probably won’t happen but I can still hope:-)


One thought on “It’s Another Bright Sun-Shiny Day

  1. Yes we do really need rain. I am with you when it comes to snow? Lived in PA after moving there from Maui, HI. What were we thinking? Don’t like snow!!

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