Showering Jill with Blessings

IMG_0683Today was a rainy day but it fit the ‘shower’ theme well.  We celebrated, played games, ate yummy food and enjoyed the great company.

IMG_0677There were lots of little things that will hopefully be blessings for many years to come.  Advice, scripture, date ideas and of course, all the memories.

IMG_0680Decorating with stars, blue and pink was a lot of fun too.  It fit the wedding theme and everyone wore read in honor of Jill’s matron of honor and CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) Awareness Week.

IMG_0684I love showers, weddings and other events that bring multiple groups of people and multiple generations together.  It was wonderful to take a moment to also cover Jill and her marriage in prayer.  Prayer is already foundational to their marriage.

IMG_0690And it’s fun to make the bride work a little too.  Here she has a mouth full of marshmallows, one for every question about her fiancé that she couldn’t answer.  I’m glad we didn’t play this game at my shower because I would have ended up having to eat the entire bag.  It’s amazing how much I didn’t know about Ryan before we got married.  But I’m thrilled for Jill.  She now has a lifetime to learn about her new husband.

So fun to celebrate with you, Jill.

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