It’s a Team Effort Part 1

IMG_20150130_183028One of the great things about working in Australia will be the team.  We were created to live and work in community with one another so working with a team is just an extension of this mandate.  Although Ryan and I hope to live and work in a different area outside of Perth, we are going to still work closely with and rely heavily on people living and working in Perth directly.  This weekend we got to meet a couple who are headed to Perth with their family.

IMG_20150131_165852It was exciting to connect, swap stories and get to know each other face to face.  We’ve been friends on Facebook for awhile now but that relationship only goes so far.  They are already at 80% of their support so although they will make it to Perth before us, it’s good to get to know them on this side of the ocean.  Fun fact: they have an 18 year old son who is 6’8 and still growing.  It will be fun for Ryan to have another tall guy around:-)


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