Looking Forward to the Weekend

This weekend Ryan and I get to visit San Diego, visit with friends who live on the east coast, meet a couple who will be working with us in Australia and generally eat and breath missions for a couple of days.  This is a great opportunity for us to make contacts, have important conversations and ask questions that will help us move closer to our goal of living and working in Australia.


This is just another step in the process for us.  It began in 2013 when Ryan and I attended a missions conference in South Carolina and talked to MTW about the possibility of us working in Australia.  We weren’t even engaged at the time but we were seriously considering marriage as well as ministry together.  Now fast forward to now.  We’re married, visited Australia and have a vision for future ministry in the Perth area.  This conference is a great opportunity for us.

We still have a long way to go but every step is exciting.  Please pray for this weekend, for fruitful conversations, encouragement and direction towards Australia.  Please also pray for favor with church leadership as well as MTW as we navigate certain hurdles in this process.


One thought on “Looking Forward to the Weekend

  1. Have a great time!! I met Mary Lou at San Diego High School during my sophomore year in 1942!! and we lived there until 1966…………..when it was still a small 200,000 people town~~Ron J.

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