Always a Bridesmaid…Never a Bride

We’ve all heard this saying and maybe you’ve felt it was true for you.  But I have only been in two weddings (maybe because during some peak wedding years, I was living in the jungle:-) and now I’m married.  I still have a lot of single friends but each year more of my friends are getting married.  After all Ryan and I are right in the getting married range.  Last year we attended many weddings (including our own!) and just this year we will attend three weddings in three months and the trend could possibly continue.  I feel like we’re currently living in wedding and relationship central.  And since I know how I felt at every wedding when I was single, it’s not hard to imagine what the single people in our friend group are currently thinking.  It’s difficult, if you want to be married, to have the feeling that you’re always a bridesmaid and never a bride.

blue and pink

The wedding I’ll be in at the beginning of March has a mostly married wedding party.  There are 12 of us (6 guys and 6 ladies) but there is only one single bridesmaid and although I don’t know all the guys, three of them are married for sure.  I’m excited to be a part of this wedding, not only because I love the couple but because I’ve never been in a wedding before when I lived in the same city as the bride.  It’s been very fun to be able to participate in the wedding dress shopping, shower planning, decoration making and other events leading up to the wedding.

As our friends are entering married life and it’s fun to be a part of all the wedding details.  But I am trying not to forget that once the wedding is over, life continues.  Two people’s lives have profoundly changed.  And as their friends we have the privilege of loving on and supporting them through the inevitable ups and downs of marriage.

So happy wedding to my friends!  I look forward to wearing pink shoes and celebrating this special day with everyone together.

2 thoughts on “Always a Bridesmaid…Never a Bride

  1. As wise man once said, “After every wedding comes a marriage.” I think you and the Ry have a better shot at making a wonderful marriage because Christ is at the center. More importantly, SERVING Christ is what you are about. That’s cool.

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