The Alarm Clock Rang

Do you remember the book “The Doorbell Rang” by Pat Hutchins?  It’s a fun book about a batch of tasty chocolate chip cookies that has to be shared by more and more people every time the doorbell rings.  This book actually has nothing to do with this post other than the title “The Doorbell Rang” inspired the title ‘The Alarm Clock Rang’.  So I’ll put in a plug for this fun book.  Check it out!

IMG_0670Now back to alarm clocks.  We all have different relationships with our alarm clocks.  I’ve had this white one since high school and maybe even junior high.  I was in charge of getting myself up and ready for school.  And I was pretty good about making it happen but I was thankful for a reliable alarm clock, especially for those early morning swim practices.

Fast forward to Papua New Guinea.  I often used an alarm for days when I needed to be on western people’s time.  But many days I just woke up with the sun and the rest of the village.  It’s easier to wake up early when you go to bed when it gets dark and are able to get a good night’s sleep.

I now have a very different schedule and do my best to not use an alarm clock unless I have to.  On days when I wake up early to teach online, Ryan is my alarm clock.  Since he’s up at 4:10 anyway, he makes sure I get up too.  But since we often go to bed early, many days I find my eyelids fluttering around 4am.  However, on the days I don’t have to get up, I happily roll over and go back to sleep.  Other than Ryan waking me up, I generally don’t use an alarm clock.  Even on days when I teach at the school, I only set an alarm just in case.  But i’m usually up and moving before it ever makes a peep.

Whether it’s an actually alarm clock, a setting on our phones, a crying child or something else, many of us have a love/dislike relationship with this noise that usually gets us up and out of bed in the morning.  Mornings are often a struggle for me but recently i’ve been trying to think about my mornings differently.  I want to look forward to each day and the possibilities that it brings.  Some days are more difficult than others but each day can be the start of something new.

So I’d love to hear from you.  What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What do you think when your alarm clock rings?

6 thoughts on “The Alarm Clock Rang

  1. i usually have some kind of very strange dream upon trying to wake that somehow includes hearing a sound. I also have a hard time figuring out if i have gotten up or not because of the dream. I have started to walk with a neighbour every morning at 6 am, so i am hoping the struggle becomes more natural.

  2. I only set one when I absolutely must be ready for something by a certain time. I do not like being woke up by an alarm clock. Or my husband. I guess, it’s just the waking up part I don’t like. I’d rather just wake up on my own. Too bad I have to work. Thankfully it’s at home and flexible. 🙂

  3. I haven’t used an alarm of any kind for decades. I wake often throughout the night, about every hour, usually every two hours, and I glance at the clock just about every time. So on those mornings I have to get up at 3am, chances are I will wake up a little early and get up. Other mornings it’s 6 or 6:30 and again, chances are I will wake up just ahead of that time and get up. If I begin sleeping through, I won’t really be in big trouble as my family seems to know how to make more noise in the morning than any other time of day!

  4. I remember that alarm clock 🙂 It must be a good one if its lasted you this long (and through all the heat and humidity of PNG)! I usually wake up to an alarm on my cell phone now. My old alarm clock broke and I got a new radio one but somehow I still usually use and trust my old cell phone more.

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