Please Pray for Us

Ryan and I believe in the power of prayer.  However, we don’t always ask for the prayer that we desire.  We’re getting better at our own personal prayer but we still covet your prayers.  Here are a few things that we’ve been praying for recently.  Please join us in praying:

Please Pray for the Future:

  • Plans and steps toward Australia.  We still have a few hurdles to clear before we can even start training.
  • The 120 corridor from Northam to Narrogin.  This is the area just outside of Perth, Australia where we hope to be living and working.
  • Expanding our family.  No, this is not an announcement but we are thinking about possibilities.  Pray for the right timing that will allow us to grow our family while pursuing our desire to live and work in Australia.

Please Pray for our Relationship:

  • Ryan and I continue working on our communication but we need all the prayers you can send our way.
  • Time management.  For both of us to learn how to balance our lives as a couple- we desire to work hard so that we can truly rest well.
  • Opportunities and wisdom as we learn how to serve our friends and community as individuals and as a couple.

One thought on “Please Pray for Us

  1. Yes, you two have our Love & Prayers for all your requests xo
    God is Good! Love & Prayers & God’s Blessings, xo xo xo

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