Quilting Our Wedding Guestbook

Our last reception was in August and I am finally getting myself together enough to start work on our guestbook quilt.  I’ve helped my mother with many quilt projects, some of which I have called my own.  However, I think this is going to prove to be my biggest project yet.  It’s larger than anything i’ve ever tackled before and although I’ve loved many of my quilting projects, this one is very special.

IMG_0668We have about 150 squares that represent individuals and families who celebrated with us at each of our wedding receptions.  The blue squares are from the Camarillo reception, the white squares are from the Sacramento reception and the yellow squares are from the Pardeeville reception.  Some people wrote advice, some simply signed their names, others drew pictures or wrote down memories.  Each is a sweet reminder of the many wonderful relationships we have.  My only regret is that there wasn’t a way to include those who weren’t able to make any of the receptions but maybe that is a mercy because otherwise I might have to be making two quilts instead of just one.

Ryan and I will eventually choose a dark blue to go in between the squares and back the quilt, although at this point I think there might be enough squares for the front and the back.  I’m currently working out the measurements to see how big we actually wish to make it and also playing with the pattern.  But as you can see from the picture, our space is limited so laying out all the squares at once isn’t really possible.

It’s fun to see the idea begin coming together.  We loved the thought of combining the memories from all of our receptions into one useful, tangible memory.  Now all I have to do is take the idea and execute it.  It won’t happen over night and i’d be happy to listen to any advice and recommended resources as I move forward with this special project.  And of course, I’ll be sure to show off my work once it is done and maybe (if it isn’t too tragic) the work along the way as well.

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