Petrol tipped to hit 85 cents.

I often skim the Australian headlines and this one caught my eye, Petrol tipped to hit 85 cents.  85 cents is pretty good for Australian gas prices.  But don’t get too excited because that’s still the price per liter.  There are roughly 4 liters in one gallon so Australians are still paying more than we are at the petrol station.


When Ryan and I were visiting Perth in October, we saw prices ranging from about 1.38 to 1.64 a liter.  We also found some surprising differences including the ability to fill up your car before giving any payment information.  I think this is how it use to be in the US too but we’ve long since changed to having to give credit card information or cash before the pumps will work.

The first time we filled up the tank I walked into the petrol station kiosk because we couldn’t pay at the pump and I asked if we had to say how many liters we were going to need.  The man gave me a strange look and just told me to fill the car up and come back to pay.  At first I thought he was being nice because I was an American and was obviously having trouble with the simple task of filling up the car with petrol.  But then after visiting other stations, Ryan and I realized that they just don’t have a pre-pay system.  I guess Australians are more trustworthy to pay after they pump.  I’m also not sure if this is all of Australia or just in Perth/WA.  Maybe I need to poll my Australian friends from other parts of the country.

Either way, pre-pay or pay after, whether in Australia or America the lower gas prices are helpful for our wallets.  It is a temporary dip and we’ll inevitably see prices rise again but for now we’ll enjoy it each time we head to the petrol station.

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