Oh The Places You’ll Go. Part 7.

Toilets 4

Toilet.  Art.  Inspiration.  Contemplation.  Thanks to my friend Brent, all these things come together in one serene toilet retreat.  I’ve been super impressed with his artistic decorating skills.  But the most creative expression, in my opinion, comes in the form of the art for his toilet room.  This is definitely worthy of a highlight in the Oh The Places You’ll Go series.  Enjoy!


Toilets as art.


What’s your favorite toilet?


3 thoughts on “Oh The Places You’ll Go. Part 7.

  1. How fun! The first time Hope and I went to Europe, we had a bunch of dear, well-meaning friends try to warn us that the toilet facilities would leave us anxious to return to the states. It was not the case, and to prove it, I ended up spending hours of our trip photographing various toilets, public restrooms, bidets, even the cool valve system which operated the hot water flowing through pipes buried in the gorgeous tile floor of the bathroom of our hotel room. I should send the photos off and create a coffee-table book!

  2. Joy, I just now looked to see if you really had used my photos in your blog. SWEET! You asked, “Which toilet is your favorite?” But can you guess which toilet I really did NOT like and recently sanded down to replace with a better toilet?

    • Brent- I’m glad you like it and I have no idea which one you sanded over. I would have a difficult time choosing one favorite. I may be strange but I think toilets from around the world are fascinating:-)

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