Moving towards Australia in 2015

Part of me wishes I could say that Ryan and I will be moving to Australia in 2015.  But a larger part of me is thankful that there is a time for everything and this year is for preparation.  Stay tuned for more details and tentative timeline to come.  It’s very exciting to be anticipating all the changes that this year could have in store for us.

IMG_0661And there are lots of ways for us to prepare even before we get to Australia.  I received a book, Why Warriors Lie Down and Die, for Christmas that I can’t wait to get into it.  We also received our very own copy of Rabbit Proof Fence.  Ryan had never seen it and now we can lend it out to anyone who wants to know more about Australian history and the Stolen Generations.  And of course we will continue expanding our Australian tastebuds.  I’ve had this cookbook for awhile and it’s fun to page through and get ideas.  Ryan and I both get to try new things and I get to try my hand at even more new recipes.  This includes meatpies, other vegemite recipes and sweet yumminess like sticky date pudding.  It’s going to be a good year.

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