Reasons #26-#28 Why I Love My Husband

Let’s start 2015 with compliments to my husband.  This list is ever growing and I look forward to continuing to find more things to love about Ryan this year and for many more to come.IMG_0658#26- He opens doors for me.  Even though we’ve been married almost a year (over 10 months is almost a year, right!?), Ryan still opens doors for me.  I love it when he opens my car door even though it unlocks automatically.  It often gives us a chance to steal a kiss before heading on our way.

#27- He lets me steal his food.  Now this is true love.  Although not every meal, it’s not uncommon for me to steal a bite or two of Ryan’s food.  Even when we have the exact same thing, for various reasons I often end up eating off of his plate.  But don’t worry, I share too:-)

#28- He warms my side of the bed.  On most nights Ryan is in bed before me and it’s been super cold (for California) recently.  But instead of just snuggling down on his side of the bed, I find him warming my side of the bed.  It’s so nice to climb into a nice warm bed.  He’s my favorite space heater.

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