A Wonderful 2014

IMG_0654Although it’s already 2015 in Papua New Guinea, Australia, Germany and many other places I hold near and dear to my heart, I can’t resist a little summary of 2014 here in California.  It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that 2014 was a great year in the Reiter household.  For starters this branch of the Reiter household happily formed in 2014.  We celebrated our marriage not just one but four times.  Ryan and I settled into married life with much anticipation and many question marks.  Camarillo has become our first home together.  Ryan and I also traveled to Australia where we gained vision and passion for our future life and ministry overseas.  We entertained many friends over the year, hosted our first family Christmas and we’ve loved almost every minute of doing life together.  Ryan and I have fought and made up.  Our house has been filled with both tears and laughter but I’m happy to report that the amount of laughter has far exceeded the tears.  2014 has been a wonderful year.  Here’s to 2015 with more love and laughter, just enjoying life together.

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful 2014

  1. True love always has likes, dislikes, tears, make up ties! This is true Love! We so very much pray for you both! We hope for you two to have a blessed and wonderful year.

  2. Love you guys! This brings such wonderful memories to Jack and I! The first year has so many adjustments !

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