Wife After God- A Devotional Review

WifeAfterGodBlessings and change often start small.  It’s little motivations, little habits, little adjustments that can slowly start to make a big difference.  I’m not good at reading daily devotionals by myself.  For whatever reason, I find it easier to pick up the Bible although unfortunately that doesn’t always happen on a daily basis either.  However, if you are looking for a devotional to kickstart your new year or anytime throughout the year, I would heartily recommend Wife after God by Jennifer Smith.  Whether you’ve been married 30 days, 30 months or 30 years, this devotional could benefit and bless your marriage.

The devotional begins with the foundations of marriage, supporting and building up this sacred institution.  It then takes the reader through the ups and downs, inevitable struggles and sometimes daily challenges of being married.  But it always points to Christ and encourages intimacy with God while encouraging intimacy with your husband.  Each day includes Bible Reading, a devotional passage, a prayer (this was one of my favorite parts, laying what had just been read at God’s feet), a challenge, a social media status update and journal questions.

Unlike some devotionals that just give you food for thought, Wife after God gives you Biblical teaching and then challenges you to digest it more, wrestling with the content in journal form or just thinking about the questions throughout the day.  The devotional is written in such a way that it encourages you to pray over your marriage and take the challenges to build, strengthen and heal areas of need in your marriage.  All of this and a humble, worshipful approach to God make this devotional a powerful tool for your spiritual walk.  Of course, you also have to put in the time and energy in order to reap the benefits.

This is not a read once devotional.  I truly believe that you could go through this devotional multiple times over many years and hear from God in different ways depending on your circumstances.  The social media status update and journal questions also lend themselves to finding a friend or a small group of women to walk through the devotional together, maybe just encouraging each other through social media or sitting down once a week or more to discuss the questions and hear each others experiences with the challenges the devotional encourages you to complete.

This devotional is available on Amazon and it’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited.  You can also see more from Jennifer Smith on her blog, the Unveiled Wife.  I received this devotional for free in exchange for my review and opinions.  But I’m so glad to now have this devotional as part of my Kindle arsenal, I will definitely be picking it up again down the road.


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