Six Flags Christmas Memories

IMG_0648On December 7th, 2013 Ryan proposed.  How many people have Six Flag pass pictures for engagement photos?  It was a rainy day but we had already planned on meeting a friend and going to Six Flags.  We had bought season passes for 2014 and needed to pick them up.  It turned out to be a great Six Flags day, because of the rain the lines were short and it was fun to add the thrill of being newly engaged to the thrill of racing roller coasters.  Our friend happily celebrated with us and I kept looking at my hand because I couldn’t believe how beautiful the ring was.  Since it was cold and the ring was slightly big, I had to be careful on the coasters not to have the ring slide off my finger.  But it survived the day and I still love looking down to see this special ring on my finger.

IMG_20141226_174211Yesterday we used our 2014 Six Flag passes for the last time.  We’ve had many trips this year with friends but we decided that we needed one more trip with just the two of us.  Now instead of newly engaged, we are happily married.  We’ve now celebrated two Christmases together, one engaged, one married and hopefully we will celebrate many more.  The roller coasters have been fun this year but there are many more marriage thrills still to come, no roller coaster needed.



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